small stones – April 7, 2016


I see
rainbows through grey skies
butterflies amongst beasts
joy through tears
love dwelling with hate

‘though I walk an obscure path
do not mistake this for indifference
my heart beats with beauty
light shines into my soul
love radiates outwardly from me

I just happen to prefer
the darkness

For You — Poetry

For You

For you, I smile
even though the darkness
has settled into my bones
seeped into my veins
begging for release

You don’t need to see
this emptiness crawling
inside my weathered heart
nor the storms breaching
my weakened levees

I would poison you too
if this arsenic mind
crossed rivers to your soul
embedded itself
into the beauty you cherish

So I will smile
lie through embittered teeth
to protect your innocence
to prevent the nightmare
I truly am

©March 2015, Lori Carlson