Hump Day Poem – The Nothing

Powerful poem of hope in the midst of despair
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Cylindrical Forest

I am the nothing

Today I hover over the abyss.

I’m not going to fall in

But feel safe and comfortable.

When you are nothing

You can say and do anything

Its doesn’t matter

No one is listening

No one is watching.

No one notices you

Lingering in dangerous places.

You have things to say,

Things to do, but nothing comes out

Nothing gets done.

You find yourself

Sitting, thinking, your mind in circles

And it doesn’t matter

For there’s no one to care.

You wallow in your own mire

Knowing you’re where you deserve.

The flailing goes unabated


A voice asks if you are ok.

With scepticism you hear platitudes.

The voice sits with you

Talks of things

Tells you their story.

Engaged, you open slightly

You step back

The voice is a person.

You look down and discover

Empathy and understanding

Holding your hand.

Your nothing is…

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