“Escape” – a Haibun


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It will happen in the stillness and cover of night, when all are asleep. I will grab the bag I keep packed under my bed, grab my few prized possessions and put them in a satchel, and just leave. No sad goodbye notes, no see-ya-soons, not even a sorry-I-had-to-go. You won’t even know I am missing for the biggest part of the day. You will just think I am sleeping. By then, I’ve hit the bank for a withdraw and then off to the Amtrak station. You will probably think I’ve gone off on holiday to the beach, but no. I am headed to Maine. After a few days, you will assume I am still coming back, but no. I will be staying there. I won’t call, nor write, not even an email. When I do get there, I will change my name and start a new life. My life. Not the life you want me to live, not the life I should live, not even the life you thought I wanted all of these years. Did you even know me at all?

in darkness, shadowed
raven whispers her retreat
life’s wisdom, her prize

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Note: Haibun is a prosimetric literary form originating in Japan, combining prose and haiku. The range of haibun is broad and frequently includes autobiography, diary, essay, prose poem, short story and travel journal. Wikipedia


beautiful haiku and gorgeous pictures to go with it.
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milan rajkumar

shrub above the rock
nobody can touch you now
luxury of spring


photo ( my pic )

Haiku Horizon’s prompt ‘ safe ‘

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2:05 a.m. Prayer (Haiku)

Wow! I need to pray this prayer more often… self-doubt is a bummer!
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Impromptu Promptlings

2:05 this morning Drollery woke me getting up to get a drink of water. But what was weird was I got right up, walked into the living room and wrote this down as is. I must have been praying in my sleep…


2:05 a.m. Prayer

go ’round me, dear God,
for I am the one always
there in my own way



Picture Credit: www.christchurchhouston.com

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