Stunning imagery on twilight!
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Shawn L. Bird

Outside, in the twilight

the world is black and blue,

like a sun bleached wrapper,

yellows and reds leached away.

Just an old wrapper,

a ghost of its former brightness,

as is this day, lightness fading


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A Fine Wine

Bravo! Now that is some vivid wine imagery!
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Impromptu Promptlings

platosgroove_1440451387_82For someone who told me once it was okay to take a comment and turn it into a poem…

A Fine Wine

As I sit back now
and ponder the last year
of knowing you,
I see how you have mellowed,
like a fine wine.

The questions,
the pilgrimage for truth,
are still there,
but the tang that is tasted
on the back of the tongue
is apt to be not as sharp
and pungent now.

You have dusted off
the fine powder of time
that has settled
on your outsides
as the wine
and the wisdom
has aged within.

And even though
the bottle of your life
has tipped and the wine,
uncorked so it can breathe,
has spilt leaving you feeling
depleted and lacking,
it is the emptying of yourself,
the draining of the bottle,
that has allowed the light to get in,
to illumine the crevices of…

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An Exercise in Imagery

Prompt: Color Personified


The House of My Childhood Wept

The house of my childhood wept —
inside, blue tears ran down paneled walls
a precise pool converged on sofa and chairs
All blue — smokey skies adorned the floor
down the hallway and up the stairs

Momma sat in her blue room
overcome by it —
loneliness bathed her in periwinkle
she inhaled and exhaled
breathing in the saltiness of Navy

One day Alice blue came to visit
and stayed —
she was subtle, barely noticeable
this house so blue
And she slithered down Momma’s body
settling between her toes

Momma was engulfed in blue
Alice whispered, just let go
With Momma’s last breath, Alice lingered upon her lips
And the house of my childhood wept

© 2013 Lori Carlson