June on A Whispered Wind

June will be an exciting month here on A Whispered Wind, well at least it will be for me! I will be writing 30 original Killer Tales! Tales about Serial Killers. So if you are a fan of serial killers, you may want to tune in. Each story will be between 500-1500 words.

I will also be writing “small stones” daily, but I may not get around to many reblogs.

See you tomorrow!

Sweet June

“In summer, the song sings itself.” ~William Carlos Williams

The heat envelopes me
as bugs cling to my sweat
and I am left holding my breath —
a sure sign that summer is here

June, you pretty darling
why are you singing so?

I once yearned for your songs –
the lyrics of birds
the chatter of squirrels
the laughter of kin in the creek
Such sweet melodies!

What’s become of me, Sweet June?

Now I stow away inside my room —
I’ve tuned my ear to the hum
of artificial air – an artificial life
Only at night do the call of the crickets
break through – and I remember you