small stones – March 13, 2016


“letting go” Haibun

I was reminded while researching quotes from Eat, Pray, Love just how important it is to seek one’s authentic self, to seek balance, to let loose and have an adventure. And to do all of these things at once, but not always alone. Sometimes in the company of strangers and sometimes with friends old and new.

let go and find self
to be free, become unique
seek balance with love

And I was transported back to the image of Liz on that rooftop in India dancing with her ex-husband, sending him love, and then letting him go. What a beautiful gift we can give to someone we once cherished, but have moved on from in our lives. We don’t need to remember the pain, just the love. And in that love, we can release them.

letting go of pain
opens the door to great love
wisdom grows within

©2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

The Attempt

Beautiful… raw… a reminder that sometimes, you just have to let go…
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MW the Mermaid

We tried hard
Pretending we were something
We tried much
Maintaining something believed to be worth maintaining
I tried hard
To hold us together
I tried too hard
To impress you to remember

Copyright © MW the Mermaid 2016. All rights reserved.

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A Missive to Unfulfilled Love — Poetry

Dearest One,

I watch you laughing
Your face shimmers in early winter sunlight
Your beauty draws a crowd
Who wouldn’t want to be with one so radiant?

I sip my coffee
Too afraid to be near you
Too scared that I will reach out
Smooth away a stray hair from your forehead
Or caress your cheek with my hand
I need more than a few moments of your time

I’ve dreamt of lifetimes with you
Whole years lost in your loving arms
Where moments like this
Feel strange with others touching you

Your eyes scan the room and land on mine
I smile; you smile
You cross the room, settling into a chair beside me
I try to listen to your excited chatter
But I cannot resist your lips
So perfectly formed and rosy wet

You lean over and kiss my cheek
Your hands squeezing mine
And then you are off again

You are a social butterfly
That everyone wants to capture
To pin on display
But my heart would break to see you that way

And so, I let you go
Over and over again
©2014, Lori Carlson