Celeste (Micro-Fiction)

elegantly penned, beautiful imagery, an enchanting read
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Richard M. Ankers


When the world still slept and the ocean was young, she polished the stars. There’d never been one like her, she was the first. Celeste by name and celestial by nature, the girl made magic with the night and sweet music in the moonlight.


She was happy in her silence, content with her lot in life, Celeste, in short, knew happiness. Then the cosmos gave birth to the sun and everything changed. Celeste had not seen colour in all its delicate tones. She marvelled at ruby, wondered at gold, and emerald’s beauty drove her to tears, so glorious it seemed. And so rivers were born and life given freedom to roam.

Dusk and Dawn

But the real miracle came when night and day collided. Celeste liked that best. When the curtains of dawn and dusk were drawn or unfolded to reveal life at its most peaceful, Celeste knew…

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