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Richard M. Ankers

Milk rolls over leather.

No, moon over tanned skin.

Is it?

Stars in my eyes;

This girl’s celestial.

Are the heavens moving, 

Or me?

A rotation of limb or light,

a porcelain persuasion,


A flickering of might,

Tickle of possibly.

This girl’s bewildering;

I’m bewildered.

And I will be

Again, and again,

Until she turns to cream.

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A Sonnet to Desire — Poetry

“Freedom from desire leads to inner peace.” ~ Lao-tzu
O Desire, do not hold me so!
You, a rogue with a wicked tongue
To seduce me into your bed
One night with you would do me harm
Your kisses are as sweet as wine
And your touch charged by Cupid’s bow
Your devilish smile stirs my blood
Your stare captures my pounding heart
O the turmoil you put me through!
You will take then leave me all alone
Let me go, Desire–tempting soul
It is peace and freedom I need

©June 2014, Lori Carlson