Gorgeous photo and a poem filled with vivid imagery. Ravens! yes, there are ravens mentioned here!
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Tanis Justice - Writer and Photographer

You stood there in the middle of the street

Your breath frozen rising like a puff of cigarette smoke

Slowly fading into nothing

With the silence and patience of a statue

A form of goddess giving birth to dreams and whimsical fascinations

I can feel my heart beating

Faster than the sounds of fleeing ravens

As you turn slowly I see your yellow hair gleam under the street lights

Your eyes as full as the moon of love and passion

or death and murder

Under the falling snow in the middle of the night it’s hard to tell

Your intentions are clear enough

Grabbing my

Pulling me close

Your kiss as sharp as any blade

Stinging in the cold like a morning razors slow burning bite

As I find myself helpless

Hopelessly in love

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