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Lit World Interviews

Here is the first of our LWI Survey Questions. Never a list, just the one. Yes, I know there are two but the second is clarifying the first. The results will be shared, minus names provided.

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Raw, uncensored

The title says it all for this powerful piece of poeming…
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Business in Rhyme

The way I slept naked on the floor;

The way I hid myself from the sun;

The way I ate uncooked food with my bare hands;

The way I flossed my teeth three times a day;

The way I laughed at your stupid jokes;

The way I adored your razor-blade thin smile;

The way your huge hands held me around my waist

is the way I loved you.

And still do.

Maja S. Todorovic

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Hump Day Poetry – Week 14 – Tedium

Such a powerful poem that I am sure many can relate to.. that last line… WOW!
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Why does lunchtime Wednesday

Alter my thoughts from work to the weekend?

I stay focused until that time.

I then wander into fantasyland

The weekend prospects of party

Of relaxing, of friends, of dinners.

By rights I should stay on task until Friday

Then allow my mind to meander through

Fields of fun, excitement and adventure.

Instead the humdrum, the back and forth

Of tedium rules my life.

Acquiring a piece of paper

After years of study saying qualified

Has me isolated in this cubicle

Shut off from the world

Surrounded by people who care not

If I like red or green.

It’s a dead, dull and boring

But it pays the rent,

Affords me a reasonable lifestyle

But is killing me inside.

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Rain: Haiku

a beautiful, well-constructed haiku about May, rain and the effects it has
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Tales From the Seed


When rain comes in May

I run to smell the garden

It waters me, too

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Lady in Waiting

Such a beautiful, mournful piece of poetry. Thought-provoking!
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Impromptu Promptlings

Who is this lady and what is she doing? Set your timer for ten minutes and write about her.

The Iron Palace

On the parapet high above
in the fading light of dying day,
quietly she stands
upon the tower wall,
bare of the mask of her life.

As I watch,
her moon-kissed golden hair
teased by relentless breeze
interrupts her reverie
as it whips wildly about
like a fairy halo.

Day after day,
night after night
she stands thus
listening to the song of the sea,
gazing far into the west.

What does she wait for…

In the dim light
stray tears trace paths
down her pale cheeks,
and I find myself wondering
if the gray fortress
is her protection
or her prison.

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Hump Day Poetry – Week 11 – Relics

Such a gorgeous poem rich with imagery.
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Can you get over it?

The pain? The turmoil?

I feel it grabbing me

Like a hand from the grave

Pulling me back

Dragging me down to that one place

We fight tooth and nail to avoid.

We set out on the right course

To forge a new life

From the crumbling relics

We both held as reminders

Of where we would never go again.

Standing upon the cliff top

We cast them in to the sea

Watched as they floundered

The surf tossing them

With no consideration for the importance

They once thought they had.

Holding hands.

We wandered down the hill

Thinking of our pasts

That in that one moment

We’d expunged from our lives.

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