the evening’s kiss

Gorgeous reflective piece… love herons!
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No Talent For Certainty

i feel the evening’s kiss
as herons dive, and
i look for the stars to appear

the waves lullaby, and
the birds loiter

and i

join myself to

the current

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Silence: A Woman Passing – Free Forms – January 30, 2016

The sadness that comes with aging… those last moments before death.. vivid imagery here!
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Vincent van Gogh's Old Woman of Arles, An PaintingOld Woman of Arles – Vincent van Gogh

Oil on Canvas
Arles: February, 1888

Silence: A Woman Passing

silence ..

her eyes look on her now lost dreams
vapour ghosts like missing beings
once bright tokens for the future
now just lonely hollow vessels

silence ..

the heart that beats calls out to you
do you not hear that rhythm true
once quick in happy excitement
now slowly like a funeral

silence ..

the rhythm of a distant drum
sets our pace until we’re done
once the beat was in harmony
now erratic the drum beats on

silence ..

her life is over, her soul is gone
because her days had grown too long
once youth filled her, body and soul
now she’s just a hollow echo

© G.s.k. ‘16

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