small stones – April 17, 2016


I’ve worked my whole life
at becoming someone
thinking this was how
to be authentically me
I added layers upon layers
of self, false images
wasn’t this what you wanted?
wasn’t this what *I* wanted?

But now I realize
I have to UNbecome
to truly find myself
UNbecome the image
everyone thinks I am
UNbecome who *I* think I am
remove the masks
the pretenses
the misconceptions
get to the core
only then can I BE

small stones – 03.07.16


I searched the Universe
to find myself
thinking I was lost
and then one day
I realized
I was not out THERE
I was in HERE
not lost
not undiscovered
not hidden from myself
just waiting…
waiting to be created

I gathered up my art supplies
pens, pencils, crayons
paints and charcoal
notebooks and keyboards
tacks, pins, staplers
and set to work
creating the best me
that I could be
a dancer of words
a musician of sounds
a painter of images
the writer, I am