small stones – February 21,2016


Photograph by Ingo Dumreicher titled “Place of Silence”

In silence, I work
I proceed with my day
going about, doing

In silence, I know myself
my mind focuses
an awakening meditation

In silence, I breathe
my heart opens
the Divine speaks

…and I listen
in silence

Over You

It’s a barbed wire fence
you pricked your finger upon —
mistaking it for a rose thorn
    did you bleed, my dearly departed?
like the months I criss-crossed
lines upon my thighs over you —
and swallowed the bitter pills
with day-old coffee —
the docs said they would ease my pain
but they are just reminders of our last days
when your words hurled toward me
slamming me against the wall —

I am finally over you —
this sweat that permeates these rooms
is from hours of pumped up convictions
releasing you one drop at a time
freeing myself from the bonds
of your tantrums —
I sit poised in meditation
the silence, the silence