small stones – March 3, 2016


Art Credit: Bitter Cold by Rhiannon Brunett (Thisisrhi)

O Spring, why so shy?
you poked your head out
so briefly, briefly
then hid once more

For two days, I’ve shivered
from your shied flight
Winter still whips
outside my door


small stones – March 1, 2016


as warmth returns
and Spring awakens
I am reminded:
check your seeds

Will I be planting
seeds of compassion
love and kindness
or seeds of hate
deceit and ignorance?

which garden
do I wish to grow?
what nourishment
do I hope to reap?

small stones – February 29, 2016


The sun blazes
through my windows
a warm breeze whips
through the house

today we leap
into Spring
ready or not

the gentle lambs
of March
lie in the meadow


Haiku-A-Day in May — Day Five

“Nature’s Tenderness”

barefoot in the Spring
blades of grass beneath my feet
a gentle caress


Haiku-A-Day in May — Day Four

“In My Garden”

an iris burst forth
yellow as bright as the sun
warming up my face