Poetry: From My Letter Series

A Letter to T.S. in Spring

My Beloved —

As I walk, a warm wind blows and rain hits my face
Flowers are blooming, but i pay no heed
Memories are flooding my mind
About the day everything went horribly wrong
If only I hadn’t screamed —
we would still be celebrating a life together

Instead of seeking a new job
Depression consumed me; I was deflated
I’d never been fired before —
How could I make you understand?
I nearly died that day —
I just couldn’t find a knife dull enough

The pain! The incredible pain
The humiliation, served cold
Heads hung low, so low, we went back to him
If only —
These regrets have haunted me for three years
O how I failed you! I tore us all apart

© 2013 Lori Carlson