Vivid imagery of winter… beautifully penned
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Poesy plus Polemics

cold mountain “Cold Mountain” by Cristina Del Sol

no season for sadness

as tears turn to crystal

no freedom to grieve

a more ambient winter

icy fingertips sting

to be stranded

so far from the heart

breathless lungs seize

in shock of the cold

not allowing the voice

to enunciate sorrow

it’s left to the pines

pained and strained

by the hammering wind

to moanfully mourn

such arctic aggression

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Winter Beach – Haiku – January 20, 2016

Great haiku for a winter’s evenin’
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Bastet and Sekhmet's Library

winter beach winter beach

ducks and dogs
masters of the beach and lake
distant smell of snow

winter’s whispers
gulls, ducks and the northern wind
alone on the beach

© G.s.k. ‘16

Carpe Diem #899 beach

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Shade of Winter – Poetry


art credit: Hazy Shade of Winter by LesFromages

Shade of Winter

Is this death or rebirth?
The age old philosopher’s question –
ever the pessimist or the optimist
But there is more dormant below the surface
than the decaying above

The whisper of a chilled wind carries
the chiming of bangles:
it’s a hazy shade of winter
ushering in a deep freeze, so silent
one could go mad

And yet, Life bubbles out of frozen ponds
and glistens on tree buds
awaiting the moment to burst
into Divine interpretation
This performance is for the living
the bearer of hope in the bleakest of days

Copyright ©January 2016 Lori Carlson

Nocturne with Flame

A toasty poem to warm your heart on a cold winter’s day
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O at the Edges

Closeup of campfire.

Nocturne with Flame

Not imposition, but welcome.

Another’s stirred embers, banked
and forming the kindling’s base.

Thus the licked paper curling with smoke,
stars shooting into the blackness,
and finally, exploding light
transformed to heat.

From one’s loss, another’s gain.

The flickering on my cheek.
Inhaled bitterness and memory.
The wait, the period before.

Like the owl in the live oak,
or the mice under our floor
returning, I celebrate the cycle,
and grow warm.


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