Thoughts On Andromeda Dreaming

I hadn’t planned on beginning a new serial. It was the furthest thing from my mind, but apparently my randy little muse thought otherwise. Catharine whispered in my ear this morning, “Where’s home?” and that was all it took. I was up out of bed, sitting at the keyboard and the words and characters just emerged. I thought about making this a Middle Grade story, but Atica will grow up some during the course of it, so Young Adult seems a perfect place to land this story.

A few of my readers may recognize some details about me in this story – my fascination with Andromeda and crystals, just to name two. The story also goes deeper than just a 9-year old longing for her parents and home. It will also explore issues like personal body images, acceptance, and the struggles of being an outsider, especially in one’s formative years. I think many tweens and teens can relate to that.

So, my plans are to post new parts to this every Tuesday and Friday, unless Catharine decides I need to do it more often. I have no clue how long the story will be. I will just take it week by week. I hope you, my readers, will enjoy my little science fiction story.


Updates on Current Events

Hello, my lovely readers. I just wanted to update you all on what’s going on with my health and current writing projects.

Health-wise, I am still sick. This whatever I have is determined to linger. I am having short bouts of okay-ness where I am able to get out of bed and do a few things. And then I must resolve myself back to bed. I don’t do sick well, never have. The weather isn’t helping any. We had a few days of warm weather and now it has turned bitterly cold again. I go from sweating to chills. Today is one of those chills days. I did go to the doctor and am on a series of antibiotics because I have bronchitis now. Yay me.

My ISP company has been shutting down the internet nearly every evening for the past week or so. It goes down for about six hours. I’ve been using those hours to sleep. I schedule posts on up-hours in case it doesn’t come up when it is supposed to. We’ve been assured that they have no updates this weekend, so I am going to try to catch up on my writing projects. Next week? More rounds of interruptions, although they haven’t even sent out a tentative schedule yet. Apparently they are trying to secure some communication lines for this winter and upgrading some in-house technical mumbo-jumbo that I haven’t a clue what they mean (and I am fairly techie). The good news? Free HBO for next month. That seems to be the gift they give out any time they do ISP work. Not sure what people who don’t have cable through them gets. But I am a writer and rarely have time to even watch television. Go figure.

And that brings me to my current writing projects. Here on A Whispered Wind, I am working on my novella, Seeing You. I am currently two days behind again (yesterday and today). I hope to get those caught up between now and midnight. Tomorrow, I will try to get the next part of the science fiction round-robin, Zanzibar, up over at Promptly Written and another part of Seeing You up.

I have promised to read and review 10 novels through the end of December. Luckily, I can read in bed when I just feel too poorly to be up at the computer. So, my lovelies, be prepared to see more reviews in the upcoming weeks.

Over at As the Fates Would Have It, I’ve been working on a daily series titled Inspired! where I post something (quotes, poems, videos, art, music, etc.) that inspires me. I’ve got these scheduled out for most of the remaining month. I’ve also recently caught up with Calen’s The Sandbox Writing Challenge and will continue to do it on Tuesdays. In the meantime, I have started a new series of journal writing titled, The Daily Me. I also have some of these scheduled out.

So, my lovelies, as I sit here coughing and wheezing, sniffling and blowing my nose, I want you all to know that more stories are coming, more reviews are on the way, and I am still plodding along. Thank you all for continuing to read me. You all inspire me.


Notice: Suspending Writing Projects

Dear readers, I regret to inform you that I must suspend all writing projects at this time. This includes my Killer Tales, the next installment of Jack Diamond’s story, and the Zanzibar story. Along with IP issues, computer issues and an unforeseen personal issue that has just arisen, I will not have time to do any writing for at least a couple of weeks. I cannot go into details on the personal issue at this time. Thank you all for being loyal readers. I will return as soon as I am physically able to do so. Many blessings to you all ~Lori~

#IWSG -New Territory

Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

The Insecure Writers Support Group  is where writers can share their insecurities and encourage one another. IWSG was founded by Alex J. Cavanaugh and we share our posts the first Wednesday of the month. The co-hosts this month are: Lauren Hennessy, Lisa Buie-Collard, Lidy, Christine Rains, and Mary Aalgaard. If you’d like to join in, just click the link above for the IWSG sign-up!


I am feeling a bit apprehensive right now. I’ve crossed into new territory. Most of my writing career (if you can call it that) has been spent writing poetry and short fiction. The only time I have ever written anything longer than 2000 words was back last April when I wrote a science fiction novella for the A-to-Z Challenge. It ended up being around 44,000 words. But you see, Science Fiction is my favorite genre to write in. I like creating my own worlds, making up my own rules and creating bizarre alien characters. I seem to be able to easily write Horror too. However, when it comes to writing mysteries, well, that is completely new territory for me. I love to watch mysteries, always have. But to actually sit down and write one myself? Nope, never done it.

Well, that is exactly the challenge I have set for myself this month. I like to do that sometimes. Challenge myself, force myself out of my comfort zone. It keeps me on my toes. So back in December, when I was plotting out writing projects for 2016, I came up with the bright idea to write a Noir-style mystery for the entire month of March, a serial in 31 parts. I began researching for it back in mid-February and last week, I worked out my characters and plot. As for the story itself, I am writing it each day by the seat of my pants, allowing the story to take me where it wants to go, but hopefully in the direction of my plot.

So why the apprehension? I am scared I won’t have enough story to tell for 31 days. I am scared I won’t keep it suspenseful and interesting. I am terrified that my main character will be too cliched and not original enough. I suppose all writers deal with this anxiety, but this is really the first time I’ve lost sleep over a writing project.

If anyone is interested, the story is called The Stacked Deck. Check it out, if you’d like. And if there are any mystery writers in our IWSG group who can offer me any advice, please do let me know. Until next month, I wish you all an anxiety free month of writing!


Happenings in 2016

This is a list of my projected projects for 2016. It will be interesting to see how many of them I accomplish over the year. I may complete them all and I may only complete a few of them, but I definitely need to get back to my writing and get some projects completed.


For the entire year, I will be doing 365 Days of Writing Prompts, a download that I snatched from Word Press that came out in 2013. You can find it happening over at Promptly Written

Also for the entire year, I am going to do small stones over at A Whispered Wind


At As the Fates Would Have It, I will be celebrating Joyful January with Satya and Kaspa over at Writing Our Way Home


No project scheduled as of yet


No project scheduled as of yet


Over at Promptly Written, I will once again be participating in the Blogging from A-to-Z April Challenge

April PoemADay with Poetic Asides to be posted on Promptly Written


StoryADay in May Challenge with Julie Duffy — This will take place on my Promptly Written blog


No project scheduled as of yet


No project scheduled as of yet


No project scheduled as of yet


No project scheduled as of yet


No project scheduled as of yet


I will be participating in NaNoWriMo, but I am not sure yet if I will post my novel on any of my blogs at this moment. This will be my 3rd attempt in 4 years. Something always seems to come up around that time to prevent me from completing this challenge, but not in 2016! I am sending out to the Universe that I will complete a novel in November 2016!


No project scheduled as of yet


  • More Astraeus stories (or another novella) – these will be posted on Promptly Written as I get them completed – I will be adding them here because this is where I began the project last April for the A-to-Z Challenge and I don’t want to confuse my readers by moving them to another blog – they will not be prompted stories.
  • Post my Ravyne Ramirez stories and write more of them – these will be posted on A Whispered Wind
  • More of the Candy from a Stranger stories – these will be posted on A Whispered Wind
  • I began a series of stories earlier this year called Killer Tales and I want to write more of them – these will be posted on A Whispered Wind
  • I want to work on some Flash Fiction this year, some time during the summer months
  • Poetry – I want to write 100 new poems for publication. These will not be posted on any of my blogs
  • I’ve been working on a project with a friend about Bobby Kennedy, so I will continue my research on that – none of that will be posted on any of my blogs.

This seems like a lot of projects, but spaced out over a year, that really isn’t a very big to-do list. As I decide which months to do which projects, I will update this list of Happenings.