Meet My Muses and Animus

I’d like to introduce you to my muses, Evelyn and Catharine, and to my Animus, Stefano.


Evelyn was the first. She came to me when I was a teenager. She is whimsical, playful, mischievous, and often absent. Whenever I write anything that is witchy or involves vampires, you can bet Evelyn is involved.

This is how I envision her:


art credit: The Redhead by djaledit



Catharine came along while I was in college back in the mid-90s. She presented herself to me in a dream. She is a fallen angel, wounded, mournful, solemn. Whenever I write something tragic, sad, dark, or deeply-felt from the heart, Catharine is involved. She knows my pain and can tap into it easily.

This is how I envision her:


art credit: the link I once had for this is no longer valid. If anyone knows the artist, please let me know!



Stefano is my animus. Jung called the animus the masculine principle, especially as present in women. It is also defined as purpose; intention; animating spirit. Stefano arrived around the same time as Catharine did. He is my organizer, drives me toward my purpose and keeps me on track. He will occasionally chime in with Evelyn whenever I write love or sex scenes.

This is how I envision him:


art credit: The Sailor by Victoria Frances

Thank you for stopping by and meeting Evelyn, Catharine and Stefano. We all welcome your comments!



5 thoughts on “Meet My Muses and Animus

  1. […] little room to be lonely. I also have three distinctive voices in my head most of the time – Catharine, Evelyn and Stefano – my muses and animus. They are constant companions unless I am […]

  2. Soul Gifts says:

    Stefano looks a bit like Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Is he as mischievous ? Catharine looks wounded. Evelyn looks provocative.

    • Lori Carlson says:

      Oh yes, Stefano is quite the mischievous one, especially when he aligns himself with Evelyn. And yes, she is quite provocative.. any time I write about vampires or do sex scenes it is Evelyn’s influence. Catharine is a fallen angel. Quite wounded, very sad and brooding. She is the one who stays with me the most. Tis why a lot of my poetry and some of my stories have those sad, dark moments in them.

  3. […] I will celebrate is my muses, Catharine and Evelyn, as they are staying on top of things and keeping the ideas flowing. Thank you, […]

  4. […] As a writer, ideas don’t always come easily. Sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get my muses to open up and spill their ideas. So to encourage them and to prevent writer’s block, I use […]

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