small stones – February 26, 2016


“A-Maze-ing Laughter” by Yue Minjun for the Vancouver Biennale

a moment to laugh
deep within the belly
to roar uncontrollably
to be a~mused
a healthy alternative
for a dark soul


small stones – January 11, 2016

when I brought you home
you were caked in mud
your beauty shrouded
an over-night soak
then a quick brushing
oh how you sparkle!

now you sit on my desk
a fist-sized quartz
a reminder of time spent
with friends and laughter
and the joys of nature

Day 9 – small stones

This morning…
I opened my arms to abundant joy
I laughed like I’ve never laughed before
and I shouted at the top of my lungs:
Izzy, I love you abundantly!
then quietly, I gave thanks to the Universe


Day 7 – small stones

A trip to Target for a can opener

opens me up to mommies everywhere –

with children and babies-to-come

and the laughter of a little boy

just happy to be out with his mother


Day Two – small stones

genuine laughter rings

beside us, a celebration —

as we celebrate

the farce of our marriage