small stones – March 14, 2016


art credit: Night of Madness by Eternal-Dream-Art

too much sleep
or not enough
a roller coaster ride
I just want off
to be free
of the madness
this insanity
that plagues me


In Search of Oblivion

The days fizzled by
in bouts of brandy-laced coffee
and eggnog —
Sleep overcame me
in spurts and sputters —
I wanted only to be warm

I awoke in pools of sweat
chilled to the bone
seconds after removing the comforter —
I removed blankets and sheets
the clothes I’d slept in
and replaced all with clean, dry ones

And the cycle repeated
from New Year’s Eve
until the passing of the new first day —
I achieved oblivion.

© 2014 Lori Carlson