#BookPromo – The Children Are Not People by Logan Rutherford

The Children are Not People by Logan Rutherford is a short story of approximately 10,000 words. It is to be released on July 31st. See below for details to purchase it.



Thirteen months ago, all the children in the world began to get sick. Twelve months ago, they all died. Eleven months ago, they all came back.

Thomas Austen has spent the last eleven months traveling through the wasted country on foot. He has to see his little brother. He has to learn for himself if Gabe is a zombie.

And Thomas has to be the one to kill him.

Now, twenty-five miles away from home, at the end of his long and dangerous journey, Thomas faces one of his biggest obstacles yet.

He’s determined to put his little brother out of his misery, but he can’t do that if his brother gets to him first.

Genre: Horror (Zombies!)

Where to Buy:  Pre-order on Amazon for $0.99!

For more of Logan Rutherford’s books, please see his Amazon Profile where you can find his First Superhero Series as well as other novels in his works.

About the Author

LoganRutherfordpicLogan Rutherford is a full-time author living in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Texas, he’s been writing for his entire life. First publishing at 16, he’s been doing so ever since.

He writes a variety of series, although he’s most known for his First Superhero series, the first book in that series being The Second Super.

Website | Mailing List | Facebook  | Twitter | Email


Business Promotions: Nancy Batra – Children’s Book Illustrator/Designer

Hello dear readers and friends. If any of you write children’s books (or know someone who does!) and are in need of an illustrator or book cover designer, I’d like to introduce you to Nancy Batra. On her blog, she says the following about herself and the work she does:

I’m a self-motivated Artist capable of creating a range of multifaceted art styles. I have started my career as a Graphic artist in 2006, emerged as a Children Illustrator/Graphic Novelist. Illustrative Storytelling being a passion, I yearn to develop more contemporary styles and love to create visuals appropriate for a piece of writing, story or a particular theme. The creative freedom this allows, adds to the vast potential of my work. Visuals created purposefully always add value to particular writing or a thought and can attract people of all age-groups. 

Here is what she she can do:

• Proficient in sketching and coloring in Photoshop and Illustrator. 
• Proficient in Story-boarding. Capable of performing 2D animation tasks of all kinds in both digital and traditional animation forms. 
• Capable of creating variety of styles including realistic, cartoon, caricature and stylized categories 
• Experience in children book illustration, graphic novels and concept art
If you’d like to see some of her illustrations, you can view them here – Portfolio 
You can contact Nancy via her blog


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Need a Graphic Designer?

Hello, my dear readers. I’ve just met a rising star in the field of Graphic Design. Her name is Crystal and she does some gorgeous work. If you have need of logos or anything else in the graphics’ department, or just want to encourage a rising star, check out and follow Crystal at DaytonArts. I foresee some great things coming from Crystal’s talents in the future! Artists supporting Artists! Writers linking with Artists! Please help me welcome her to the WordPress community!

Celebration and Promote-A-Blog Fest!


Today, just in time for my favorite holiday, Halloween, I am pleased to announce that I now have 1000 WordPress followers on this blog! (Don’t pay attention to that count over there to the left that says I have 2000+ followers because that also includes those who follow me by email and are not all apart of the WordPress community) I am humbled and in awe of all of you who have followed me and continue to support me.

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And now, in celebration of this awesome news, I would like to open my blog up to you, my followers.


Today, you can promote your blogs here at A Whispered Wind. It is time to post links to your blogs and/or your friends’ blogs. If you have something you’ve written on your blog that you wish others to read, post a link. If you’ve read something on a friends’ blog that you’ve enjoyed and want others to read as well, post a link. Know someone who’s just starting out at blogging and has only a few followers, post a link. Have something special planned on your blog for Halloween, post a link. Hell, post as many links as you’d like. Mingle with others by visiting their blogs too! And to insure that this gets around to as many people as possible, please REBLOG this on your own blogs and post a link on Twitter and Facebook to get the word out. Help me help YOU!

Let’s get out there and promote our arses off, share, mingle and CELEBRATE with me!

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Business Promotion: Soumi Goswami – Professional Publishing

Today I am doing something that I don’t normally do. I am promoting someone’s business services. I have a lot of friends here on WordPress who are poets and authors. Many are professionals who self-publish their work. Sometimes it is hard to do all of the self-publishing work oneself. That’s where Soumi Goswami comes in. She knows all about the technical side of self-publishing – formatting, conversions, platforms, cover designs. So I encourage my writing friends to read about her resume below and email her if you should need her services.

List of services:

convert any PDF, MS Word file, Printed books and other documents into e-book platforms, such as Epub, Mobi, Kindle conversion for different ebook platforms like Apple iBookstore, Nook, Kobo, B&N, and more. This involves manual coding and creation of the following digital formats:

* .mobi, .prc, .azw for the Amazon Kindle
* .epub for iPad, Sony, Nook Readers and Adobe Digital Edition

Other Services:
✔Fixed Layout eBook (Apple ePub and Kindle fire format)
✔Ebook Conversion
✔Amazon Kindle Conversion
✔Mobi Conversion
✔Apple Epub Conversion
✔Nook Epub Conversion
✔Ebook Conversion
✔Book Design
✔Print ready PDF conversion
✔Typesetting Conversion
✔Indesign Conversion
✔Web Design

Soumi also has references, which you can view/read here: LinkedIn page – just scroll down to her experiences and recommendations.

To contact Soumi Goswani:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soumi.goswami.71
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoumiPub

Email: soumi.goswami.pub@gmail.com
Skype: soumi.goswami24