small stones – February 17, 2016


in order to be full
and live a full life
to love unconditionally
to give without taking
to forgive and be forgiven
to become still, silent
and be present…
I had to pour out
all of my troubles
hatred and prejudice
preconceived notions
and just be…


small stones – February 10, 2016


give me sweat and tears
hard work and strife
I want to experience
the hardships of life

don’t hand me a platter
of leisure and play
I want to learn
new possibilities each day

for some this is a journey
for others, a playground
I want to witness the world
in all its leaps and bounds

small stones – January 27, 2016

I took a lemon
and made it
into a fine wine

days without the ‘net
opportunities to mingle
catch-ups and show-downs

drunk on life
and the silence
of snowfall



Beautifully crafted prose poem about life, living and sacrifice.
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This Tangled Garden

The precious flowers that color and fragrance my world
are somehow lost to me today–no, not just today
for weeks, I am now realizing
I stumble over simple explanations
fret over words and phrases

My flower garden has become a nightmare
a tangled, unkempt patch of weeds
the home of trolls and wicked beasts
all strangling my mind to the point of numbness —

Is this what my future holds?
The digging, digging for the right things to say

If I could bulldoze the entire plot over, I would
and begin anew–an empty garden
Am I still young enough, well-enough?
or will I suffer my grandmother’s fate?
Unable to plant, I will merely pass away

Copyright ©2015 Ravyne Hawke