small stones – January 6, 2016


art credit: Morning Coffee by Cynthia Edwards

I remember those moments
of casual conversation
reminiscing about the day
story-telling of the past
as we sipped our morning coffee

there were whole days
weeks and years
I thought I’d never get the chance again
neither of us were getting any younger
and your hearing fades away

and yet, here we are
as in times gone by
doing this very thing

Exercise — Five Senses of a Coffee Cup

Sight: black, glossy, round,
Touch: curved, warm, sleek, hollow on top
Smell: french vanilla, French Silk coffee
Hear: silence
Taste: sweet, vanilla, coffee


In our warm silence
you hold the mysteries
of my french vanilla day
Will it be curved and aromatic?
or will it be glossy and hollow?
I lean in to your French Silk roundness
and lift your blackness to my lips
drinking in your sweet coffee.
My day is set.