powerful and raw imagery! A MUST read!
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Pooky's Poems

Each wound a jagged edge
With which he’d have to live.
Each scar a tale told,
Retold ad infinitum.
Each cut, further proof
Of a life that hurt too much.
But each day lived
A survivor’s tale.
Not living;
Holding on
To jagged edges,
With tired fingers,
A blade,
And a fistful of hope.

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The Heart Goes Missing

Powerful poeming and gorgeous rhymes… love, loss and broken hearts
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No Talent For Certainty

When all the towers you could build
Come tumbling to the ground,
When all the music you have loved
Becomes just so much sound

When all that you held precious is
Dismissed for someone new,
The heart goes missing for a time
There’s nothing you can do

Instead of heartbeats, there’s an aching
Constantly, inside;
In lieu of courage, emptiness,
Where once there was some pride

They say the heart is broken, but
There’s madness in its place:
I’d say the heart goes missing;
Filling up
The space

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Laments of a Destitute Housewife — Poetry

Sweet Jesus, what has become of me?
This tangled mop of hair
Loss of bit, an elephant’s girth—
Even I find me so repulsive
I’ve smashed mirrors
To hide my shame

This world has swallowed me
Regurgitated the most vile parts
And paraded me for all to see—
Bystanders turn their heads
Even the curious deny me

Is it any wonder I seek death?
To rid myself of this pain—
A heart dipped in lead
So heavy, so heavy
And these burdens burning my soul—
I am but ashes, ashes
And now, with the wind, even less so

©2014, Lori Carlson

Poetry: From My Letter Series

A Letter to T.S. in Spring

My Beloved —

As I walk, a warm wind blows and rain hits my face
Flowers are blooming, but i pay no heed
Memories are flooding my mind
About the day everything went horribly wrong
If only I hadn’t screamed —
we would still be celebrating a life together

Instead of seeking a new job
Depression consumed me; I was deflated
I’d never been fired before —
How could I make you understand?
I nearly died that day —
I just couldn’t find a knife dull enough

The pain! The incredible pain
The humiliation, served cold
Heads hung low, so low, we went back to him
If only —
These regrets have haunted me for three years
O how I failed you! I tore us all apart

© 2013 Lori Carlson