A Little Poetic Teaser


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See if you can figure out WHY I wrote this poem…. Hint is in the title!


Odd numbers are no good for parties
(so the experts say)
but we nine always did just fine
We had no desire to couple-up
just dance & drink
chat & get high
Then one
we drifted apart
’til none but I

©March 2020, Lori Carlson

It’s Been A Long Time…


As most of you have probably noticed, it has been a long time since I’ve posted original writings of mine here on WordPress. I’d love to say that I have tons of work just waiting to be posted, but I don’t. It has probably been a good four years since I’ve written anything. No poetry, flash fiction, short fiction or novellas. I allowed a personal issue to knock me down into a deep depression and even after I came out of that, I had gotten out of the habit of writing every day and just stopped. The irony of it all is I still call myself a writer, but how can one be a writer if one never writes?

So here’s the deal: Next month is poetry month. My intention is to join a poetry prompt thing for April and write a poem each day. Since it will be prompted, I will be posting these poems over on Promptly Written.

In the meantime, I am going to try my hand at some impromptu poetry here just to wet my whistle again. It probably won’t be good poetry, but hopefully it will get me in the habit of writing again. Eventually I will dip my toes in the shallow end of the pond and create some flash fiction and short fiction and work my way to the deep end for a novella or two.

#BookPromo – The Children Are Not People by Logan Rutherford

The Children are Not People by Logan Rutherford is a short story of approximately 10,000 words. It is to be released on July 31st. See below for details to purchase it.



Thirteen months ago, all the children in the world began to get sick. Twelve months ago, they all died. Eleven months ago, they all came back.

Thomas Austen has spent the last eleven months traveling through the wasted country on foot. He has to see his little brother. He has to learn for himself if Gabe is a zombie.

And Thomas has to be the one to kill him.

Now, twenty-five miles away from home, at the end of his long and dangerous journey, Thomas faces one of his biggest obstacles yet.

He’s determined to put his little brother out of his misery, but he can’t do that if his brother gets to him first.

Genre: Horror (Zombies!)

Where to Buy:  Pre-order on Amazon for $0.99!

For more of Logan Rutherford’s books, please see his Amazon Profile where you can find his First Superhero Series as well as other novels in his works.

About the Author

LoganRutherfordpicLogan Rutherford is a full-time author living in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Texas, he’s been writing for his entire life. First publishing at 16, he’s been doing so ever since.

He writes a variety of series, although he’s most known for his First Superhero series, the first book in that series being The Second Super.

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