Books Long Lost, Now Found

How could she have known
my obsession for Gothic novels?
She couldn’t have known that years later
a cacoethes would emerge,
that hundreds would be spent
trying to get them back to me.
One lapse of judgement led
to a lifetime of irresistible urges…
There’s another sale on eBay –
I cannot resist this deep desire any longer.

© 2011 Iona Nerissa

One thought on “Books Long Lost, Now Found

  1. Ermilia says:

    Not one for Gothic fiction, but lapse of judgement and irresistible urges are not unfamiliar to me when in book stores. I tend to avoid ebay. If you like fantasy, my coauthor and I are querying our first novel and you can find us on our blog as well as facebook. Her side is more dark than mine.

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