#IWSG – Seeking Balance

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Last month, I was all excited for the A2Z Challenge to begin. I’d planned to write Science Fiction flash fiction for the entire month and I am pleased to say that I succeeded. I also have a wealth of stories now to go back later as time allows and expand them into longer pieces.

However, somehow during April, I got thrown off balance. Along with the flash fiction, I’d also planned to write poetry. I started off well, but I began teetering along that fine line between poetry and prose. I soon discovered that I was having a difficult time switching back and forth between the two. And so, I lost my balance. It could also have been that I’d just taken on too many projects. I did, after all, do two blogs for the A2Z, was trying to do the poetry, plus keep up with all of the other writing challenges that I normally do. The 21st was especially difficult for me and I almost missed the net. Somehow, I regained a bit of balance and completed the A2Z, but not the poetry. I’m not going to beat myself up over it though. There is always next year where I may decided to combine the poetry and A2Z so as not to get too off centered.

So now I am back to writing stories again for the StoryADay in May. I am still writing a bit of poetry, but now I can pick and choose when I want to write it. And I am still seeking that balance between prose and poetry. Hopefully, I will find it.

18 thoughts on “#IWSG – Seeking Balance

  1. Meredith says:

    Want to next line idea.

  2. Rebecca Douglass says:

    I think that it’s key to know when we’ve bitten off too much and need to retrench! Good job on finishing the month. And you maybe learned something about the way your brain works, which has to be good (not trying to mix poetry and prose too much, I mean).
    Rebecca at The Ninja Librarian

  3. Balance, oh so important, and sometimes so delicate and fragile.

  4. stephie5741 says:

    Balance is important in life…but so hard to find! Hope you work it out.


  5. patgarcia says:

    Congratulations on completing the A to Z and your goals. I applaud you that now you’re writing a story a day. All the best.
    Patricia @ http://www.patgarciaandeverythingmustchange.com/2016/05/the-second-milestone-iwsg-article-may-4.html

  6. The A to Z always throws off my writing. It sounds like you got a lot accomplished in April.

    Susan Says

  7. SD Gates says:

    This A-Z Challenge did me in, I think I am totally blogged out and I was only working on one thing. You had multiple things going all at once. That is quite admirable!!!!!

  8. Aneesh says:

    I was struggling when i was writing A to Z challenge. I didnt have words ready and my original story was changing as i was fitting it with the words i was coming up on the very day of the challenge. I was in a very high pressure situation.

    But when i saw this post!! I felt mine was nothing in front of ours.. 2 A to Z challenges along with so many others.. WOW.. you Lori are an inspiration to me .. thats Amazing

    I am glad i came to know a little about you this way 🙂 .. Keep Inspiring 🙂 take care…

    • Lori Carlson says:

      Oh I think you did great Aneesh.. I need to stop by and just read your story from start to finish.. I only got to read a few parts here and there, but what I read was amazing stuff
      I am glad we are getting to know one another too!

  9. You were very ambitious (and successful). Just doing one task for A to Z is enough for anyone I think.

  10. DaisyWillows says:

    Congrats on all of your achievements

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