#IWSG – Try, Try Again

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Last month was a bloody nightmare. Have you ever felt like the Universe is conspiring against you? Well, May felt like that for me. I was plagued by illness for half of the month – one whole week was just wretched. Then I had ‘net issues off and on all month (more to come this month as the IP is doing upgrades). And lastly, I didn’t complete the StoryADay challenge (I missed a whole week while horribly sick and just never caught up).

I could do what I’ve done so often – tell myself that I am a failure and go sulk in a corner for a few weeks, but I’ve decided that I am worth more than that. I am proud that I wrote 24 stories in May, plus did a lot of other writings too. I am also proud that although I was sick for about 15 days, I muddled through for 8 of those days even though I was getting sick and/or just recovering from being sick. So I will try, try again and not beat myself up.

And that’s the best advice I can give to other writers right now – try again. Failure means falling down and staying down. Success means to learn from the failure, pick yourself up and hit the road again.

8 thoughts on “#IWSG – Try, Try Again

  1. You wrote 24 stories even with being sick and having internet problems. That sounds pretty successful to me. You deserve some applause!

  2. Soul Gifts says:

    You got nothing to be ashamed of, that’s for sure !

  3. Chez Shea says:

    Wow that sounds like a very productive month to me! Sorry you’ve not been feeling well though.

  4. Sometimes, pushing your way through–even if i’s only part way through–can be an accomplishment, in itself. And 24 stories is impressive. Wish I could do that!

  5. patgarcia says:

    Congratulations! You finished 24 stories and that is tremendous effort that spells success. I don’t know if you participated in the A to Z Blog Challenge but if you did and came off of that and jumped right into the StoryADay then all I can say is WOW!
    You did an outstanding job. Be Proud. Feel Proud.

    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia


    • Lori Carlson says:

      Thanks Pat… Indeed I did do the A2Z on two blogs, with one of them resulting in 26 Science Fiction stories… I’d done a 31 part Mystery story in March and 28 Horror stories in Feb.. so yeah, I guess I shouldn’t be too down on myself. Thanks hun!

  6. No way did you fail in May. You did good – very good. Pat on back time – save the ass-kicking for those who give up.

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