THE MAN AND THE DOGS by E.F. Olsson {Short Flash}

A Well-crafted ghost flash fiction. Gave me chills!
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E. F. Olsson

THE MAN AND THE DOG by E.F. Olsson. {Short Flash Fiction}THE MAN AND THE DOGS by E.F. Olsson

The rough waters crashed against the cement docks. A mist of water sprayed through the fence gate causing me to shudder and move away from the bench that I waited on. Opal wanted to meet here but I don’t know why. Not a soul would want to come to the boardwalk with the weather we’ve been having. She insisted and said that it was important and for me not to ask any questions.

She appeared in the distance; like a silhouette against the gray sky she hobbled towards me. I started towards her and yelled out for her.
“What’s the matter?”

She said nothing. There was something wrong with her. I knew that look she had plastered on her wrinkled face. In the forty some years that we have been friends, I’ve seen that face on a few occasions. She was somber…

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Shade of Winter – Poetry


art credit: Hazy Shade of Winter by LesFromages

Shade of Winter

Is this death or rebirth?
The age old philosopher’s question –
ever the pessimist or the optimist
But there is more dormant below the surface
than the decaying above

The whisper of a chilled wind carries
the chiming of bangles:
it’s a hazy shade of winter
ushering in a deep freeze, so silent
one could go mad

And yet, Life bubbles out of frozen ponds
and glistens on tree buds
awaiting the moment to burst
into Divine interpretation
This performance is for the living
the bearer of hope in the bleakest of days

Copyright ©January 2016 Lori Carlson